Stephen Coyle

PageTurn Universal

I've just released a new version of my app PageTurn. It's been rewritten from the ground up to be faster, easier to use, and most significantly to work on devices without Face ID - meaning it'll finally work on non-Pro iPads, and M1 Macs. It also has a simpler, better layout, as well as much-improved onboarding and help.

It's now free to download, with an in-app purchase to unlock all the functionality. Based on the previous paid-up-front model I think giving users a chance to try out the gesture recognition first, and confirm it works for them, is a more sensible option.

At a technical level, it's been rewritten using SwiftUI. It uses no third-party libraries, and collects no analytics (barring Apple's built-in ones), so it's about as robust as it can get in terms of privacy.

This is a separate app listing to the previous version, instead of an update. My logic here is that, since a lot of people using the existing app in rehearsals and performances, it's important to keep the previous version available. I didn't want to risk interrupting anyone's workflow, and this was the only option to keep both versions available. Existing users can try out the new one, and either move over or stick with the (still completely functional) old version.

You can download it here.