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One of the feelings I enjoy most, in areas both hobby and professional, is that of looking back over old work and wondering how on earth did I manage this while knowing so little? Sure enough, I recently took stock of the code that used to underpin this site, and had that feeling in abundance. At first, vanity might present feelings of embarrassment or disdain for oneself, but pushing past that allows for a far more constructive outlook: if code you once wrote now looks 'bad' or 'wrong', it means you've improved since writing it.

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Here's where I keep a chronological list of all the 'things' I've made. It's a bit of a nebulous category, but I'll try to keep it restricted to 'finished' (or more accurately, launched) projects. I'll also stick to one entry per project to avoid clutter, and put information about updates or upcoming projects in the news and writing section instead.

You can click below to see all the project posts, or view a more curated list.

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A recording of my piece which made the final of the 2018 Peter Rosser Composition Competition, performed by the Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble at the award final, in Belfast.

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