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Since January I’ve been learning Swift to let me create an app which I had an idea for late last year. It’s called Tapt – it’s a rhythm-based music game.…

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I’m currently developing a music game for iOS (and my first app, ever). It’ll be out soon I hope, but I’m stuck waiting for what feels like months on some…

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The Pi Zero Simpsons Shuffler is simple – you press the yellow button, and it plays a random episode of the Simpsons. I’d wanted to make it since hearing Will…

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Today I got an email from the Irish Aviation Authority, letting me know that an error on their drone registry site gave registered users access to everyone else’s details. While…

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I recently started doing a lot more coding, and even more recently bought an iPad Pro 9.7-inch. Out of curiosity, I wrote a quick-and-dirty program to benchmark single-core performance on…

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