About Me

I'm a composer and developer from Donegal, Ireland.

Some other facts about me: I have a PhD in music composition; I make iOS apps and websites; I run 5km almost every day; I own two cats; I love photography; I'm a classically-trained pianist; I'm teaching myself guitar; I've written and directed short films; one of my films premiered at a French film festival; my apps have been featured on the App Store.

I'm usually working on some kind of weird, interesting or interdisciplinary project. You can reach me by email at stephenjdc@gmail.com. I'm also on Twitter and Instagram.

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If you want to support my work, buying one of my apps or buying me a coffee is very much appreciated!

My Work

I've made a lot of different things over the years. I'm usually loathe to start trying to categorise everything neatly, so instead I've made a list of everything I've created here in one place.

iOS and macOS app

Acacia is the perfect way to keep track of the music you're learning or teaching, and staying on top of your existing repertoire. Available on iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

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This is a Twitter account that automatically tweets Ireland's progress towards vaccinating its 16+ population.

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Simply search for a movie, and find out what percentage of its cast is alive or dead.

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A classic Christmas story with a twist.

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iOS App

PageTurn lets you turn the pages of a PDF, hands-free, using facial gestures. Designed with musicians in mind, it uses facial recognition to keep your hands free while practising and performing.

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iOS App

Budgel is a social network based on the idea of a message in a bottle. Create audio, text, or photo messages, and leave them anywhere in the world for others to find. Go hunting for exciting, secret messages that have been left by other users, which you can only access when you get near.

Get out and drop some bottles!

About a year ago, I made my trusty electric piano wireless using a Raspberry Pi Zero and some nifty software. It worked pretty well, but wasn't quite perfect. Here's how I made a better one, using an Arduino.


A website that I think will be really useful for podcast discovery. It's very simple, you can create a profile, upload your podcast subscriptions, and browse other people's subscriptions. It's a cool way to see what others are listening to, and to find some new podcasts to listen to. You can also browse by podcast, and see everyone who listens to a particular show.

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A recording of my piece which made the final of the 2018 Peter Rosser Composition Competition, performed by the Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble at the award final, in Belfast.

iOS App

Spectralizer applies cool, glitchy effects to photos.

Darkly Bright

A commission for the Ulster Youth Choir in 2016.

Tapt 2
iOS App

The sequel to Tapt, with two-part harmony and a much-improved UI and sound engine.

WiFi Piano
Raspberry Pi

A fun project I tried out, to allow me to wirelessly connect to my digital piano.

Déjà is a quiz game with a twist. The basic gist is that instead of answering the question you see on-screen, you have to answer the previous one. It's a good memory challenge, and I hope strikes the fun-infuriating balance well. It's also pretty hilarious to watch someone play it.

iOS App

You're given the name of a song, and each time you tap, you hear the next note. The aim is to play the song with the correct rhythm.

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The Pi Zero Simpsons Shuffler is simple - you press the yellow button, and it plays a random episode of the Simpsons.

A short film I wrote and directed.

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