I'm a composer, developer and filmmaker.

Following others' leads, and after a fresh (but far from final, I suspect) batch of news on how shady Facebook is, I've decided to close my account. Being honest, I've generally had a positive-ish experience there; I was a fairly casual user, posting the odd photo in addition to the usual sorts of news people post there. Despite that, though, I've developed a pretty harsh distaste for its effects on other people I know, whether in the form of addiction or anxiety-induction. The recent news has really solidified how pointedly they are actually trying to engender those sorts of feelings, and I'd rather have nothing more to do with it.

I posted my contact details this evening, for anyone who wants to keep in touch and doesn't have them already. In an attempt to get the best of the down-ranking that post is sure to experience, I'm going to re-post it in a week or so, and then I'm out for good.

The fate of my Instagram account hangs in the balance for the moment...