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Budgel is a location-based audio/picture social network, modelled on the idea of a 'message in a bottle'. If you'd like to try it out, you can sign up for the beta here. Read on for a little more information about it.

PageTurn 1.2 is out! It now supports ePub files, which opens up a whole new use case for the app—ebook reading. It works exactly the same as before, just open an ePub file and get turning. ePubs also come with a few advantages over PDFs; you can change typeface, font size and colour scheme to your preference.

It’s live on the App Store now.

Announcing PageTurn, an app that lets you read PDFs and turn their pages hands-free, using facial gestures. It's targeted at musicians, and designed with them in mind. It'll work with any PDF, though, so is useful for any situation when hands-free navigation is needed.

Note: you'll need an iOS device with Face ID to use these features.

Download PageTurn on the App Store

I've been programming now for about three years. For the entirety of that time, I was also doing a PhD in music composition. That changed yesterday when I submitted it.

One of the feelings I enjoy most, in areas both hobby and professional, is that of looking back over old work and wondering how on earth did I manage this while knowing so little? Sure enough, I recently took stock of the code that used to underpin this site, and had that feeling in abundance. At first, vanity might present feelings of embarrassment or disdain for oneself, but pushing past that allows for a far more constructive outlook: if code you once wrote now looks 'bad' or 'wrong', it means you've improved since writing it.

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