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Here's a free tool I made recently that might be useful for writers. The popular scriptwriting software Final Draft exports HTML, but it's 'preformatted', meaning all the line breaks and spacing are hard-coded. So, while you can insert it into a web page, it won't flow to fit different screen sizes, and tends to look terrible on mobile devices especially.

Twas the night before Christmas, when Sally and Jimmy,
Were sitting in silence and watching the chimney.
The whiskey was out, the stockings were hung,
And they patiently waited for Santa to come...

Budgel brings the Message in a Bottle into the modern era. Create or search for bottles containing audio, text, or photo messages, anywhere in the world! It's out now.

Just a quick update - a couple of weeks ago I passed my PhD viva, with minor corrections. I was absolutely delighted with how it went, and really enjoyed getting to discuss my work with two extremely insightful examiners. It's a nice conclusion to a jam-packed few years, where I've learned an enormous amount both about music and about many other subjects.

Budgel is a location-based audio/picture social network, modelled on the idea of a 'message in a bottle'. If you'd like to try it out, you can sign up for the beta here. Read on for a little more information about it.

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