Shamelessly Imitating Wes Anderson

During the downtime, after finishing a busy four days of filming early, I decided to play around and do a few ‘Wes Anderson Style’ shots. Basically, some sort of eccentric scene in the distance followed by a quick zoom in on the action. It seems like a fun style to play around with, or even making a short film that apes this style as a bit of fun. The only things missing are the bright, perfectly coordinated colours.

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A Blog.


After putting it off for quite some time, I’ve decided to finally create a proper website. Instead of trying to dump everything website-worthy I can think of onto it all at once, I think it’ll be better to gradually post things and accumulate a collection over time. It’ll likely end up containing a mish-mash of music, technology, videos and all sorts, but most importantly, it’ll actually exist.

Feel free to share, comment on, or otherwise get in touch about anything on it!