Colour – a free iOS Game

I’m currently developing a music game for iOS (and my first app, ever). It’ll be out soon I hope, but I’m stuck waiting for what feels like months on some tax stuff from the US before I can start selling paid apps… fun. In the meantime, I wrote a quick, free game over the course of about 24 hours a few weeks back. Basically, all you have to do is watch the circle on the screen, and tap it when its colour matches the background.

You can download it here: Colour on the App Store

It’s been a useful insight into¬†process of submitting an app to iTunes; especially app-review and the stuff that comes with that. I’d love to hear any feedback on what you think of it (my twitter¬†is probably the best place to do that, but you can find my email on the about page here too). I’ve a big update coming for Colour in the next week or two, that’ll flesh it out a bit more than the 24 hours allowed. All this while I continue to wait in tax purgatory…