Darkly Bright

Earlier this summer I was appointed as the first Ulster Youth Choir Composer-In-Residence. As my first task, I was commissioned to compose a piece for their summer concert, As Dreams Are Made On, which was centred around Shakespearean text and themes. I chose to set Shakespeare’s sonnet number 43. I named the piece Darkly Bright, both because I really love that phrase, and because I feel it has personal relevance to the harmonic language of the piece. Above is a video of the piece’s premiere, in Down Cathedral on 30 July. Continue reading “Darkly Bright”

Update: Big improvements in Pencil latency

A few days ago I posted a video comparing note taking apps on the iPad Pro 9.7-inch. Since then, there have been updates to OneNote and Notability which improve things tremendously. I’ve made another video comparing them again, using pretty much the same protocol as before.1 Notability has improved hugely, and OneNote is only a tiny bit slower. While it seems small, this is a huge improvement and makes each of them much more pleasurable to use. Notability in particular feels just as responsive as Apple Notes, and has completely won me over as a notebook-replacement app.