I'll try to keep this list updated and vaguely organised with software that I've made. These are mostly personal projects, for my other work you can check out N56.ie.


  • PageTurn
    • This app uses the True Depth camera on recent iPad Pros and X-series iPhones, to allow you to turn the pages of PDFs (or soon ePub files) hands-free, using facial gestures.
  • Spectralizer
    • Spectralizer applies cool, glitchy effects to photos.
  • This Quote
    • This Quote is simple app for producing images from short passages of text (i.e. quotes). It lets you choose different fonts, colours and borders, and save a high-res photo for social media.


  • Tapt 2 and the original Tapt
    • These are music games for iOS. You're presented with the name of a song, and each time you tap the play button it plays the next note. Your aim is to make it play the song in the correct rhythm.
  • WordFlash
    • A simple word game, that challenges your memory and reading skills.
  • Déjà
    • A quiz app, with a twist. You have to give the answer to the previous question. Featured on the UK and other regions of the App Store at launch.


  • This website
    • This site has been a bit of a playground for me. Originating from a severe dislike of WordPress, it's become a place for me to experiment with new approaches and designs.
  • PodStand
    • A social podcast site. You can create a profile and upload a list of your subscriptions, and browse others' subscriptions. It's become quite a cool tool for finding new shows.
  • Aleastory
    • A collaborative story-writing website.
  • Three Bags of Sugar
    • I designed and built this website for writer Karen Quinn. It uses a custom-made CMS specifically designed for showcasing writing and scripts.
  • Kaleidoscope NI
    • I developed and coded this site, based on a design by Sean Greer.