I'm a composer, developer and filmmaker.


Here are some of the various projects I've done over the years:

iOS Apps

Spectralizer can turn any image into a cool, glitchy, color spectrum. It stretches any horizontal or vertical row of pixels from the original image into a full picture, showcasing its color palette. It can turn those not-quite-sharp-enough photos into gorgeous, high-resolution images that are perfect for sharing or using as wallpapers.
Download it here
Tapt 2 is a complete rewrite of the original, critically-acclaimed game. With an improved, richer sound engine and an all-new UI, it refines and improves the fun of the original. It has a whole new set of songs, as well as a new scoring system and tonnes of other features and improvements.
Written entirely in Swift, Tapt 2 also uses the excellent AudioKit for sound synthesis. I also created a custom server-side platform for analytics reporting and level updating, built on PHP and MySQL.
Download it here
Déjà is a quiz with a twist. Don't answer the question you see, answer the previous one. Its combination of general knowledge, trivia, maths and emoji questions will keep you challenged.
I made Déjà in August 2016, and released it in September. It was featured on the UK App Store and received critical acclaim.
It uses Swift, as well as PHP and MySQL for the server components.
Download it here
Tapt is a minimalist music puzzle. It strips the concept a rhythm game right to the basics; simply tap in the correct rhythm and the game will play the notes. The better you do, the more points you get.
Tapt was released in June 2016 and received numerous positive reviews across the web.
Download it here
WordFlash is a simple memory game. You are shown a list of words, then have to identify the word you didn't see. It was created in 24 hours in April 2016.
Download it here
Hyperbolizer is a fun little iMessage app. You can type some text, style it, and send it as a sticker. You can also tap the hyperbolize button, where the real magic happens, and your message magically becomes more hyperbolic.
Download it here

Other Software

This Website

My original website used WordPress, which I never liked. After intending to for ages, in November 2017 I finally got around to writing a new one from scratch. This one has pretty much all of the features I needed from the previous one, like Markdown parsing, custom permalinks, link posts, reponsive design, plus some extra things I previous hadn't been able to customise exactly to my liking. I'll probably do a more detailed write-up about it at a later stage, but if you have any particular questions about it or notice anything not working, feel free to get in touch and ask.