I try to keep this list updated and vaguely organised with stuff I've made or done. Check out my general blog posts for in-progress stuff, or n56.ie for my company's work.


  • In 2019 I completed a PhD in music composition. I'll put my thesis up here soon, and flesh out this section a little too.


  • Budgel (coming soon)
  • PageTurn
    • This app uses the True Depth camera on recent iPad Pros and X-series iPhones, to allow you to turn the pages of PDFs (or soon ePub files) hands-free, using facial gestures.
  • Spectralizer
    • Spectralizer applies cool, glitchy effects to photos.
  • This Quote
    • This Quote is simple app for producing images from short passages of text (i.e. quotes). It lets you choose different fonts, colours and borders, and save a high-res photo for social media.


  • Tapt and Tapt 2
    • These are music games for iOS. You're presented with the name of a song, and each time you tap the play button it plays the next note. Your aim is to make it play the song in the correct rhythm.
  • WordFlash
    • A simple word game, that challenges your memory and reading skills.
  • Déjà
    • A quiz app, with a twist. You have to give the answer to the previous question. Featured on the UK and other regions of the App Store at launch. No longer on the App Store, but here's what it looked like. Let's see what the future holds!



  • This website
    • This site has been a bit of a playground for me. Originating from a severe dislike of WordPress, it's become a place for me to experiment with new approaches and designs.
  • PodStand
    • A social podcast site. You can create a profile and upload a list of your subscriptions, and browse others' subscriptions. It's become quite a cool tool for finding new shows.
  • Aleastory
    • A collaborative story-writing website. It's currently offline, but I'll stick the archive up again soon.
  • Three Bags of Sugar
    • I designed and built this website for writer Karen Quinn. It uses a custom-made CMS specifically designed for showcasing writing and scripts.