Stephen Coyle - CV

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Stephen Coyle is an enthusiastic composer, developer, videographer and photographer. He has an excellent aptitude for acquiring new skills, project organisation and time management. He is interested primarily in three areas; music composition, software development and video production, and has engaged in complex projects involving each of these areas. He is adept at combining skills across multiple disciplines to see a project from its inception to a final, polished product. He is always keen to take part in new projects and collaborations. Stephen can be contacted by email any time:



 Recent Engagements

Speaker, Úll 2016 Conference (November 2016)
Composer-In-Residence, Ulster Youth Choir (2016-2017)
Composer-In-Residence, IConArts Festival (July 2016)

Selection of Recent Projects

Lady Death
Darkly Bright


Photography and Videography
Software Development