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Here's a free tool I made recently that might be useful for writers. The popular scriptwriting software Final Draft exports HTML, but it's 'preformatted', meaning all the line breaks and spacing are hard-coded. So, while you can insert it into a web page, it won't flow to fit different screen sizes, and tends to look terrible on mobile devices especially.

Budgel brings the Message in a Bottle into the modern era. Create or search for bottles containing audio, text, or photo messages, anywhere in the world! It's out now.

Budgel is a location-based audio/picture social network, modelled on the idea of a 'message in a bottle'. If you'd like to try it out, you can sign up for the beta here. Read on for a little more information about it.

PageTurn 1.2 is out! It now supports ePub files, which opens up a whole new use case for the app—ebook reading. It works exactly the same as before, just open an ePub file and get turning. ePubs also come with a few advantages over PDFs; you can change typeface, font size and colour scheme to your preference.

It’s live on the App Store now.

Announcing PageTurn, an app that lets you read PDFs and turn their pages hands-free, using facial gestures. It's targeted at musicians, and designed with them in mind. It'll work with any PDF, though, so is useful for any situation when hands-free navigation is needed.

Note: you'll need an iOS device with Face ID to use these features.

Download PageTurn on the App Store

About a year ago, I made my trusty electric piano wireless using a Raspberry Pi Zero and some nifty software. It worked pretty well, but wasn't quite perfect. Here's how I made a better one, using an Arduino.

Here's a little app I made, my first of 2019, inspired by my girlfriend Karen Quinn's recent posting of images featuring quotations from her work. It's a simple little utility that lets you turn some text into an image, with lots of options for changing the layout, font, and more. Check it out on the App Store.

New project: a website that I think will be really useful for podcast discovery. It's very simple, you can create a profile, upload your podcast subscriptions, and browse other people's subscriptions. It's a cool way to see what others are listening to, and to find some new podcasts to listen to. You can also browse by podcast, and see everyone who listens to a particular show.

Check it out at

On Saturday night, I saw a beautiful sunset during a car journey, and did what I've done many times; I took out my phone, took a picture, and was disappointed with the results. Between the movement of the car, the lack of light, and the reflections on the car window, it was a blurry mess. The colours were very nice, though, which led me to this idea...

Spectralizer takes a horizontal or vertical row of pixels from an image, then stretches them to create a high-resolution image comprising the colour palette of the original image. Suddenly a blurry, disappointing image becomes an interesting, abstract image with the same colour tones as the source. I think they make really nice wallpapers, and just nice images to look at in general. It's fun to see the patterns that come out.

It's free to download, give it a whirl!

Spectralizer on the App Store

I released Tapt 2 at the weekend. It's a complete rewrite, sharing pretty much zero code with the original. I'll do a post soon explaining the reasons for that, and going into a few things I did differently this time around. In the meantime please check it out! You can search for it on the App Store, or grab it at the links below. Tapt 2 on the App Store.

A fun project I tried out, to allow me to wirelessly connect to my digital piano.

I've just launched a new app! It's called Déjà, and it's a quiz game with a twist. The basic gist is that instead of answering the question you see on-screen, you have to answer the previous one. It's a good memory challenge, and I hope strikes the fun-infuriating balance well. It's also pretty hilarious to watch someone play it. If you fancy giving it a shot, you can download it on the App Store.

I'm always keen to hear thoughts and feedback, so do give me a buzz if you enjoy it!

The Pi Zero Simpsons Shuffler is simple - you press the yellow button, and it plays a random episode of the Simpsons.

Here's a little project where I set up a Raspberry Pi to detect motion and trigger my SLR.