My new app, Budgel, is launching soon. I'd love to seed it with lots of interesting content beforehand. If you make any kind of audio material, and are interested in exciting new ways to share your work with the world, let me know at

For some background, Budgel is loosely based on the concept of a message in a bottle. In the app you can create 'bottles' containing an audio recording, with some text and an optional image, then 'drop' it at a particular place. There's a map in the app which shows you where messages are located, but you have to go to their specific locations in order to actually access them. So, for a simple example, you could leave a recording of a piece of music in the middle of the city somewhere where lots of people will come across it. There are loads of other possibilities, though, like creating site-specific pieces and placing them in specific/interesting locations.

I think there's lots of room to create interesting and unusual experiences in the app, especially as it's one of very few social networks where audio is a first-class part of the experience. It's more or less finished from a technology standpoint, so I'm hoping to launch it in the coming weeks/months. I'm now reaching out to audio creators because I'd like to seed it with some interesting material so there's plenty there to find when it launches.

If you're interested, let me know! You can get early access to the app here. It's iPhone-only at the moment, but I can potentially manually add content for you if you're an Android user and want to take part. Additionally, if you know of any other composers/creators who you think might be interested, please feel free to send them to this page, or pass on the email address above.

If you do sign up, let me know; there's a special 'creator' mode, which removes some limitations, which I can enable for people that might benefit from it.