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Budgel brings the Message in a Bottle into the modern era. Create audio, text, or photo messages, and leave them anywhere in the world for others to find. Go hunting for exciting, secret messages that have been left by other users, which you can only access when you get near. Grab it at https://budgel.com.

If you're somewhere more remote, or want your message to get a bit more exposure, you can drop your message in Budgeltown instead - a special place where it will appear nearby for everyone in the world.

When you drop a bottle, it gets placed at your exact location. Its title will be visible to everyone, but in order for someone to open it - and access your audio, text, or photo message - someone has to go to that exact place and collect it.

You can follow your friends or favourite creators, or just explore the world and see what you find. Its location-centric approach deliberately makes it a much slower-paced counterpoint to other social networks; viewing someone's content requires a little more effort than just tapping on it. It also allows audio-only messages, which is a rarity on social platforms. It's also completely free, with no advertising, tracking, and no third-party Google/Facebook/etc junk.

Get out and drop some bottles!
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