Tapt v1.5 and Ads

Tapt has been updated to v1.5! The biggest change this brings is that the game now gives you access to all level packs for free. There’s now no need to purchase anything (unless you want to, of course…). Another big change is that level data is now loaded from a server. This means I can add new content without having to update the entire app, submit, and wait for App Review. Much faster!


The removal of paid level packs necessitates another addition to the app, ads. I’ve tried to keep them as unobtrusive as possible; they appear in two places only. First, there’s a small banner at the bottom of the main gameplay screen, and second, you can choose to watch a short video ad to earn five more plays. No popups or unskippable ads play unless the user specifically requests them. You can also choose to buy some plays if you don’t want to watch an ad, or pay a small fee and you’ll never see another ad in the app.


Prior to this update, I was fairly happy with the overall users : revenue ratio. What was mildly troubling, though, was the fact that 100% of the revenue came from only 2.5% of the users. Those who bought one item tended to go on to buy several, but this meant over 97% of users never saw anything beyond the free content of the app. It seems the natural choice to move to ad-based revenue, then. I’d rather earn less per user, and know that the revenue is being generated by a larger percentage of the user base, all of whom are getting the app’s full experience.

It’ll be interesting to see how these changes work out. As always, any feedback is welcome either on Twitter or via email.