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A new podcast about feck all that I’ve started with Brian McLaughlin. Give it a listen at or search for it in your podcast client of choice.

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A while ago I built a fairly basic Raspberry Pi project, to use as a motion detector that would look through my DSLR viewfinder and trigger the shutter accordingly. With respect to hardware (I’ll talk about the software in a follow-up), the three main things I wanted to achieve were; good battery life, remote-controllability, and a compact size.

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First There are Whispers from Stephen Coyle on Vimeo.

Towards the end of 2013, after a recommendation from a lecturer of mine, the potential opportunity for me to show a short film at the Aubagne International Film Festival arose. Without going into all the boring details, I seized the opportunity and made a film, and ended up getting to show it in Aubagne in March 2014. I had only fairly basic experience in videography at the time, and it represented essentially my first attempt at writing and directing. On top of that, there were fairly significant time restrictions, with the film going from an idea to its complete state within about two weeks. I was very pleased with how the project turned out, though, and goes towards confirming my suspicion that I’m at my most productive under pressure or a harsh deadline.

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During the downtime, after finishing a busy four days of filming early, I decided to play around and do a few ‘Wes Anderson Style’ shots. Basically, some sort of eccentric scene in the distance followed by a quick zoom in on the action. It seems like a fun style to play around with, or even making a short film that apes this style as a bit of fun. The only things missing are the bright, perfectly coordinated colours.

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After putting it off for quite some time, I’ve decided to finally create a proper website. Instead of trying to dump everything website-worthy I can think of onto it all…

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