Hyperbolizer is my new app for iOS 10. It’s a silly, fun idea. It has a standalone app, but the main focus is its iMessage app, which allows you to┬átype a message, and generate a banner image from it. You can then┬ápress the Hyperbolize! button and have the app create a more… hyperbolic version of your message. Think lots of !!, ?? and totes amazeballs phrases. It also saves your ‘Hyperbs’ as stickers for later use.

It’s now live along with iOS 10! Check it out on the App Store, or at http://hyperbolizer.com.

It was a really fun experiment in trying out some text processing in Swift. I hadn’t really done any before, Tapt required very little of that sort of work. I’m pretty happy with the results so far! I’m intending to do a few posts outlining some interesting things I’ve learned from it. Stay tuned.