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A few months ago, I discussed situations where Bluetooth audio latency can be a problem for users. In short, for media playback it seems to be a mostly-solved problem1, but it’s not great for realtime feedback. The Bluetooth devices I tested last time had roughly 3x the latency of a wired connection (~80ms vs ~230ms). For realtime sounds like keyboard clicks, VoiceOver prompts and game sound effects, whose entire point is to be concurrent with visuals, this really detracts from the user experience. As before, I also have a personal interest in this issue. My app Tapt relies on low audio latency; it involves tapping the rhythm of a song, and high audio latency makes it a much less pleasant experience. My hope was AirPods would be the first sign that this issue was beginning to improve.

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Another video to distract from the craziness that is 2016. This time with footage I filmed in Donegal at points over the last year, and never did anything with.

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Earlier this summer I was appointed as the first Ulster Youth Choir Composer-In-Residence. As my first task, I was commissioned to compose a piece for their summer concert, As Dreams Are Made On, which was centred around Shakespearean text and themes. I chose to set Shakespeare’s sonnet number 43. I named the piece Darkly Bright, both because I really love that phrase, and because I feel it has personal relevance to the harmonic language of the piece. Above is a video of the piece’s premiere, in Down Cathedral on 30 July. Read More Darkly Bright

First There are Whispers from Stephen Coyle on Vimeo.

Towards the end of 2013, after a recommendation from a lecturer of mine, the potential opportunity for me to show a short film at the Aubagne International Film Festival arose. Without going into all the boring details, I seized the opportunity and made a film, and ended up getting to show it in Aubagne in March 2014. I had only fairly basic experience in videography at the time, and it represented essentially my first attempt at writing and directing. On top of that, there were fairly significant time restrictions, with the film going from an idea to its complete state within about two weeks. I was very pleased with how the project turned out, though, and goes towards confirming my suspicion that I’m at my most productive under pressure or a harsh deadline.

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