Here are a few of the apps I’ve created. Give me a buzz if you like them, I’m always eager to hear feedback!

Tapt is a rhythm puzzle game with a minimalist twist – you are given the name of a song and that’s it, can you remember how its rhythm goes? Tap along and Tapt will play the correct notes for you. The better your rhythm, the more points you get! Can you manage a perfect level? Press kitDownload here.


WordFlash is simple – start the game and you’ll be shown a list of words, followed by three options. Simply select the word that wasn’t in the list. Easy – though things start to get trickier as the lists get longer and the words change faster! How long a streak can you manage before your memory fills up? Download here.

 Do you ever find it hard to make your messages seem enthusiastic? The Hyperbolizer is the solution you’re looking for! Type a message, and it will ‘hyperbolise’ it, making it infinitely more exciting and full of energy. Send your new-and-improved message as text, or create a shareable sticker with your message in equally energetic colours and type! Download here.